Monday, February 3, 2014

Wish Me Luck.

Hi Readers.

Happy New Year!  I hope you all have been enjoying 2014 so far. :)

I am sure that it's obvious that I've taken a small hiatus. I've had good reason, promise.  I've been getting ready.

I'll be starting a strict medical program on 2/5/14 to tend to my health and with full time work and family and my health, I haven't had the time to be here and I miss it horribly. I am MIA mainly everywhere social media wise and that's because I've been preparing and have chosen to keep things private.

I was ignoring my health and medical test results came back and it shocked me and scared the crap out of me and now with doctors orders, I have to take action.  I hurt every second of the day and I have hidden it very well for a very long time and it's time for me to focus on me...however, I'll be sharing a little here and there right here on my blog.  I've taken a lot of time to reflect on the path I'm going to start taking and I'm really ready now.  It's going to be a good thing.

My apologies for not posting.

I have to show myself some love, because in recent times, I haven't - and that sucks.

Talk soon.


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